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The Stuff Gadget Awards 2022: The top 3 gadgets of the year

It’s time! Time to reveal the year’s very toppermost gadgets in the Stuff Gadget Awards 2022 – in other words, the cream of the crop from all the categories. As usual we wait until the tail end of the year to do these awards, because why reveal a list in the summer when the major launches of the year haven’t been announced yet? 카지노사이트

There’s been an incredible crop of gear this year; at times there was a new launch every week and at others there were new products every day so there was no shortage of contenders across all categories. This year we’ve had more awards than ever and you can see them at our Stuff Awards 2022 hub page.

Unlike others we don’t publicise our longlist or take money for entries – the winners are chosen by the team behind this website and Stuff magazine and are editorially independent of any commercial concerns.

So without further ado – and in reverse order – here are our picks for overall gadget of the year.

  1. SkyStream

It’s been 10 years since Sky launched its first streaming service Now TV. That’s a long time to wait for a dish-free Sky box, but Sky Stream proves it was worth the wait. Using nothing but your common or garden Wi-Fi, this little box removes the one thing that stops most people from getting Sky. OK, there’s still the not-insignificant monthly cost, but this is slightly cheaper, and while there’s no hard drive like you get with Sky Q, recording stuff locally feels increasingly like the old-fashioned way to watch things. Give it another 10 years and we’re pretty sure satellite dishes will be very much a thing of the past.

  1. Sony WH-1000XM5

Like Guy Fawkes Night, Christmas and Flying Ant Day, it seems a year just isn’t complete unless we declare another pair of Sony headphones our favourite and 2022 is no different. The redesigned WH-1000XM5s, replaced the Sony WH-1000XM4s, which replaced the XM3s – and these ones are even better than ever. Lightweight and supremely comfortable, with better sound quality and noise-cancelling performance than ever, Sony has also managed to improve the wear detection and squeeze in hands-free voice assistant support. All in all, the best got noticeably better with the XM5s, and we’ll be happy with these on our head until Sony decides to outdo itself again.바카라사이트

Overall Gadget of the Year: Valve Steam Deck

It wasn’t all that long ago that people were predicting the extinction of the handheld console. But here we are at the end of 2022 awarding one the ultimate accolade: Stuff’s Gadget of the Year. It’s not hard to see why the outlook was once so gloomy. People seemed happy to play games on their phones, and when console-quality graphics became a reality a dedicated handheld gaming machine just seemed increasingly obsolete, destined for the scrapheap alongside sat-navs and MP3 players. But after Nintendo’s Switch reminded people of the joys of using actual buttons and control sticks rather than prodding at touchscreens, and game streaming became possible thanks to things like Xbox Cloud Gaming, dedicated handheld consoles are well and truly back – and nothing shows that better than the Steam Deck. Others have tried to make portable gaming PCs a thing before, but when you combine a meaty AMD Zen 2 CPU, RDNA 2 GPU and 16GB of RAM with Steam’s incredible catalogue of games, be it AAA titles like Elden Ring or indie gems like Vampire Survivors, you’ve got a winning package. No, the Steam Deck isn’t perfect, but sometimes winning Gadget of the Year is almost as much about what a product represents as how it performs. 2022 feels like the start of a new era for gaming – and the Steam Deck is right at the forefront of it. 온라인카지노


Social media conversations are driven by those on the margins, says new research

Log on to your favorite social media site and you’re likely to see a slew of posts and opinions on controversial topics like social justice, immigration, and corrupt elections. And while it may seem natural to assume that the prevailing online opinions represent the views of the majority, a new study from BYU says conversations on social media are being driven by the far left and right, not the majority in the middle.카지노사이트

The study found that most people—moderate Democrats and Republicans—are self-censoring their comments on social media to not create contention, lose friends online, or be perceived a certain way. Those on the margins, however, don’t fear backlash or retaliation from offering isolating opinions and are voicing viewpoints that go largely unchecked, fueling online dialogue that is becoming increasingly polarized.

“Those on the far left and far right are the ones speaking up on social media,” said Devin Knighton, BYU public relations professor and co-author of the study. “They report lower levels of self-censorship than those who are moderate.”

To understand the impact of the vocal minority on social media, Knighton, along with BYU public relations professor Chris Wilson and graduate student Alycia Burnett, surveyed more than 1,000 participants from a nationwide sample that mirrored the U.S. census. The study, recently published in the Social Media + Society journal, asked participants about their social media use, how worried they are about losing friends on social media due to political differences, and how likely they were to self-censor their social media comments.

The results indicate that those who self-identify as a strong conservative and or liberal possess the lowest levels of self-censorship and will speak up about the issues they care about. Conversely, the majority in the middle; including moderate conservatives, independents, and moderate liberals are self-censoring on social media and creating a silencing effect of the majority.

The authors say the reason the silent majority elects not to voice their opinion on issues goes beyond the fear of losing friends—they’re worried that by sharing their opinion they may be perceived to be identifying a certain way.

“For example, if someone wants to post that they think we should be more careful and considerate in how we talk about, treat, and work with immigrants, they might be afraid that they could be identified as a liberal,” said Knighton.

Participants in the study were also asked to identify how they felt about specific social issues using a political typology tool developed by the Pew Research Center. The Pew political typology groups people according to the policy positions they favor rather than the political party or political identity they use to describe themselves. Looking at the self-censorship data across political typology revealed no significant difference across the typology spectrum.바카라사이트

“It’s striking that people were more affected by social media conservations when we focused on their political identity than when we focused on their actual policy positions,” Wilson said. “Maybe one way to turn down the volume a notch on political social media conversations is to spend less time defending our identities and more time talking about potential solutions to specific social issues. If we get out of the mode of trying to prove that we are right and get into the mode of talking about solutions to specific problems, there may be a chance that social media can be a less intimidating place to talk about politics.”

Knighton says these findings hold important implications for the average American and serve as a reminder to recognize that what you read on social media doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of the broader population. He says it’s important to think critically about the news articles you see on social media because the individuals sharing articles online likely lean toward one extreme or the other.

“If you feel afraid to post anything, recognize that it might be more related to identity politics than to your sense of connection and belonging,” said Knighton. “You can stand up for rational, moderate viewpoints and maintain your friendships. You just have to be willing to leave identity politics behind.” 온라인카지노


Utility-Based NFTS: Solving Real-World Problems in Real Estate

In early February of this year, Leslie Alessandra sold a home in Gulfport, Florida for $654,310. That sale made real estate history as the first home sold as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) on a blockchain in the United States.카지노사이트

The home and other properties that have since been sold as NFTs and paid for in cryptocurrency all herald a sea change coming to the real estate industry. Like other assets that have been tokenized as NFTs on the blockchain—art, season tickets, carbon credits and more—real estate NFTs are gaining traction because they solve real-world challenges like process efficiency and transparency of ownership confirmation.

Streamlining Property Transactions Using NFTs

Selling a home traditionally is a long, cumbersome and expensive process. From the initial listing of a home to the final close, offline real estate transactions can take weeks or months. Soliciting and negotiating offers, confirming title and ownership and completing the required contracts and paperwork all add extra time and cost.

Tokenizing a home as an NFT confers powerful advantages for both businesses and consumers, including clear digital ownership that is irrefutably and permanently embedded on a blockchain for all to see. Interested buyers should be able to quickly and easily view prior owners, tax records, pricing history and any legal disputes involving the property. For real estate agencies and property management companies, an NFT can also be more easily and widely marketed. In the case of Alessandra’s Gulfport home, the auction drew nearly 3,000 bidders.

Additionally, real estate NFTs help streamline or replace slow and expensive third-party processes like title insurance and escrow. And as with other NFTs, the actual transfer of the property and funds can be completed securely and near instantaneously, absent all the paperwork and back and forth nature of the traditional closing process.

Real estate NFTs also present intriguing opportunities beyond traditional one-to-one residential sales. For example, the NFT could represent the homeowner’s contractual obligation to pay a title or HOA fee/contract. Ownership through an NFT could even make for simpler and faster borrowing against a home by sidestepping much of the extensive due diligence and paperwork required by traditional financial institutions for a mortgage or line of credit.바카라사이트

Real Estate NFTs on the XRP Ledger

The world of real estate can be complex, and anyone who has bought, sold and/or rented a home knows that it can be an extremely tedious process, especially for those of us that aren’t well-versed in the jargon and other ins-and-outs of the industry.

In an effort to simplify the home buying, selling and renting experience, Ripple partner ProprHome will leverage the XPR Ledger to create and distribute NFTs that will represent property ownership. The company is leveraging the speed and reliability of the XRPL to bring greater trust and efficiency to the Portuguese real estate market. ProprHome is also debuting a robust NFT and real estate literacy program to help new users understand and maximize their experience.

And because Portugal has Europe’s highest concentration of real estate agents, ProprHome will help market participants find the best ones by issuing a reputation currency that can be earned for good practices then redeemed or traded for advertising and additional exposure.

XRPL: Purpose-Built for NFTs

Companies like ProprHome are turning to the XRPL as a fast, low-cost and secure public blockchain because it has proven itself ideally suited to the settlement of NFTs and other tokenized assets at scale.

NFT transactions on the XRPL close in less than five seconds, cost only a fraction of a penny and eliminate the need for complex smart contracts. The XRPL can also handle high transaction volumes, and key NFT functionalities like minting, burning and trading are pre-programmed as native features on the ledger, making it user-friendly and well-suited to benefit large real estate firms or governments.
The inherent advantages of the XRPL are enhanced by Ripple’s ongoing support for utility-based NFTs. Via our $250 million Creator Fund to foster new NFT use cases, we’re excited to see what the future holds for functional NFTs – from real estate and carbon markets, to media and entertainment, and beyond.

To learn more about NFT support on the XRP Ledger, visit

Want to get started minting your own NFTs on the XRPL? Wave 3 applications are now being accepted for Ripple’s Creator Fund. Learn more and apply today.온라인카지노


Selena Gomez’s Documentary ‘My Mind & Me’ Redefines Pop Stardom

There’s a scene towards the end of Selena Gomez’s new documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me where the pop star asks “What am I doing?” with genuine bewilderment and is instantly told all the things she needs to do for the day. Only, Selena has muttered this in her sleep and has no idea what’s happening when she comes out of her haze. That scene alone underlines the purpose of Alek Keshishian’s AppleTV+ documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me, a lean 90-minute feature that feels less like your typical pop star PR vehicle and more like an honest look at the grueling life of a pop stardom.카지노사이트

Following the success of other musician-focused documentaries like those about Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Billie Eilish, My Mind & Me might feel like yet another addition to a slate of formulaic star-broadening vehicles. But it is important to note that director Keshishian practically pioneered the genre itself when he directed the famed Madonna documentary Madonna: Truth and Dare in 1991. So it is unsurprising that it becomes apparent in the first ten minutes of My Mind & Me just how no-holds-barred this documentary’s approach will be.

‘Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me’ Is Ruthlessly Honest

From the very beginning of this documentary, we are shown just how ruthlessly honest the project’s storytelling will be. Selena Gomez tears herself down, criticizing everything about herself from her looks to her performance and her social standing. The somber scene sets the tone for the rest of the raw documentary, which details Gomez’s difficulties with mental health such as her battle against depression and bipolar disorder. Further complicating things is her lupus which flares up in 2020 and is painfully captured on screen, demonstrating how tough living with that autoimmune disease can be.

How Is ‘Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me’ Different From Other Musician Documentaries?

What sets the documentary apart is just how frank the film is about the world Selena Gomez inhabits and her own duality. We see moments of Gomez tearing every facet of herself down juxtaposed with her going up on stage to perform her self-love anthem “Who Says.” We see Gomez being both reluctant to take her meds, and then subsequently arguing with her friend when her friend suggests that Selena’s not doing as much as she should. Time and time again we see Gomez being remorseful about some of her actions and wanting to do better. All of this makes for a richly layered documentary where we (whilst constantly being sympathetic) come to understand Gomez in a more raw and honest way. The documentary successfully fleshes out a dynamic, multi-layered look at Selena Gomez’s narrative and by the end of the movie it’s easy to walk out with both understanding and admiration.

‘Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me’ Is Not Pop Star PR

Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me feels less like pop star PR and more like someone’s account of their battle with life-threatening mental and physical illnesses – and for that it is all the more rewarding. As the film edifies, Gomez’s incredibly tough experiences make the shallowness of pop stardom and all that comes with it all the more glaring. While documentaries like Miss Americana have explored the pressures of the media on celebrities, My Mind & Me goes one step further, exposing the misogynistic bent of the questioning hurled at stars as well as the surface-level absurdity of the media circus. Throughout the documentary we see Gomez longing for real connections. She wants to talk about important things that matter and, as she rightly points out after a particularly ludicrous interview, anything other than that is all a waste of time.바카라사이트

Partly because the documentary is so sharply focused on Selena Gomez’s mental health struggles, there isn’t much time spent on her relationship with pop star Justin Bieber. The aftermath of their failed relationship, though, is on display. As her friend Raquelle Stevens accounts, Gomez goes through a psychotic break for which she was placed in a treatment facility. Her bipolar disorder is undiagnosed until this happens. She is put on a host of medications that wreak havoc on her body and leave her as a shell of a person. Despite this previous romantic relationship not being a focal point of the film, there is a sense of that it haunts Selena. Particularly in how we get to see the creation of her Billboard Number 1 hit “Lose You To Love Me.” Another lingering, yet not directly talked about aspect of her time is her tenure as a Disney starlet. Selena Gomez rose to fame on the Disney Channel hit Wizards of Waverly Place comedy series and went on to produce music for the mouse house. Yet, there’s clearly a lot of baggage that came with that experience and, as Gomez opines after a French interview where she feels unheard and dismissed, she feels like “a product” – something that triggers her because of her time working as a child star for Disney.

In stories where one is trying to capture the good in things, there is often a challenge of creating something that feels too cheesy. We have become so used to insincerity and duplicity from all the public figures we know that showing that someone is actually trying to do some positive things in the world is a hard pill to swallow. So all of Gomez’s philanthropic efforts and her life-changing visit to Kenya in lesser hands could have come across as disingenuous and solely put in the documentary to paint her as a saint. Yet, Keshishian masterfully interweaves Gomez’s personal arc and makes a case for human empathy. Why wouldn’t Gomez be moved by stories of suicide ideation and the idea of there being more to life than fluff when Gomez herself has walked through those exact things? Despite her platform, the director distills Gomez’s struggles with a need for human connection and a yearning to do something that actually matters – something that a lot of us can relate to.

Fittingly, there’s no triumphant conclusion to this story. Gomez doesn’t close the doc with an olive wreath around her head, having learned all that there is to know about life. Instead, the documentary makes it clear how Gomez hasn’t completely overcome her mental health struggles, but has found a purpose. By the end, Gomez knows what she is doing here, both as a pop starlet and, more importantly, as a philanthropist.온라인카지노


How Do I Start Playing at Online Casinos

Regardless of your level of experience, there are some basic tips to remember when you begin playing at online casinos. These tips will help you find games with a low house edge, choose a casino that accepts players from your country, and avoid scams. Once you start winning in a few games, you can graduate to higher-end games.카지노사이트

Beginner’s guide to playing at online casinos

The first step to playing at an online casino is to decide how much you want to spend. Then, choose a game you feel comfortable playing. Some sites have their own games that are exclusive to their site, but this can limit your options. Also, be sure to read the bonus wagering requirements. This will help you avoid going broke too quickly.

If you’ve never played at an online casino before, you may feel intimidated and confused. To help you make the best choice, we’ve put together a beginner’s guide to online gambling. With this guide, you’ll be able to learn more about this exciting activity and avoid making common mistakes.

Lastly, remember to read the terms and conditions of the online casino before you make your first deposit. Most reputable casinos offer a variety of payment options. However, if a casino only accepts Visa and MasterCard, that’s a red flag. Likewise, be sure to read the fine print to make sure that the online casino accepts your country’s banking system. It’s also a good idea to read about the laws surrounding gambling in your state.

Choosing a casino that accepts players from your country

One of the first factors to consider when choosing an online casino is whether the site accepts players from your country. In addition, you should also check the casino’s security policies and user interface. Also, it is vital to choose a web-based casino with trustworthy money transfer tools. Moreover, you should check the site’s reputation and player reviews to determine its authenticity.바카라사이트

Choosing a casino that accepts players is important, as certain governments don’t allow certain online casinos to operate within their borders. For instance, Curacao casinos are not allowed in some countries due to legal issues. However, some governments are more open to accepting players from Curacao casinos. Nevertheless, a good online casino should still allow players from your country if you plan on playing at its site.

Choosing a casino that accepts players in your country is a great way to experience fun while playing your favorite games. Moreover, many online casinos offer a variety of games to choose from. These games are available in several languages, and most are designed to be user-friendly. In addition to their user-friendly interface, online casinos also provide convenient payment options and customer support.

Avoiding being scammed

Online casinos can be fun and lucrative, but there are a few ways to avoid being scammed. First, you must make sure the casino is legitimate and regulated by a reputable gaming authority. Second, check for payment options. If you find an online casino that has very restrictive payment options, this is a red flag. Finally, do your research, read reviews, and look at multiple websites to find out what other people are saying about a particular site.

Online casino reviews are another important step to take to ensure that you are not scammed. Look for websites that offer unbiased reviews about online casinos. Avoid casinos that don’t have reviews because they are likely to be a scam. Legitimate online casinos will have a high number of positive reviews and a small number of negative reviews. Always read the terms and conditions of an online casino before you make any transactions.

Besides reading reviews, you should also do background checks on online casinos to ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate site. Read reviews from players and see what kind of games they offer. If the casino offers progressive games, this is a good sign.온라인카지노


Best kitchen gadgets to get you through family dinners and parties

So you’ve invited the whole family over for Thanksgiving or a party over the holidays. And the pressure’s on because the guest list keeps getting longer. Whether this sounds familiar or otherwise, the best kitchen gadgets for family dinners and parties make cooking for your loved ones a breeze.카지노사이트

Related: Winterize your house with these useful smart home gadgets

Live in an apartment? The KitchenAid Artisan Mini 3.5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer easily mixes cookie, bread, and pie dough in a mini design. Use it for convenient power as you cook.

Then, impress everyone with homemade fizzy water from the Aarke Carbonator Pro. It produces tasty carbonated water for drinking or mixing into beverages with other ingredients.

Host your family—without the stress—when you have these kitchen gadgets.

  1. The KitchenAid Artisan Mini 3.5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer packs power into a small footprint and helps you speed through recipes.

If you have limited kitchen space but need plenty of power, the KitchenAid Artisan Mini 3.5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer has you covered. It can whip up dough for 5 dozen cookies per batch. Small but durable, it transforms into 10 different appliances with attachments.

Get it for $379.99 on the official website.

  1. The Aarke Carbonator Pro stainless steel sparkling water maker lets you create your own fizzy water, which is excellent for bubbly drinks.

Surprise your family with homemade fizzy drinks from Aarke Carbonator Pro stainless steel sparkling water maker. It’s easy to use and looks beautiful on your countertop. Plus, the cordless design means no electricity is needed to operate this device.

Get it for $349 on the official website.

We love Smeg products with their functional yet elegant 1950s designs. They add warmth to your kitchen and have the power you need to prepare large family dinners.

  1. The Smeg Citrus Juicer adds retro style to your kitchen and delivers freshly pressed citrus juice for tasty dressings, sauces, and more.

No menu is complete without a bit of acidity from citrus juice. And you can press fresh orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit juice easily using the Smeg Citrus Juicer. Not only does it add a pop of retro style, but 120 volts and 60 Hz frequency make it a reliable kitchen companion. It’s one of the best kitchen gadgets for family dinners and parties.

Get it for $209.90 on Amazon.

  1. The Smeg HBF01 50s-style hand blender has enough power to purée soups, sauces, and more. Plus, it looks so stylish in the kitchen.

The Smeg HBF01 50s-style hand blender makes easy work of puréed sauces and soups. It boasts a powerful 700-watt motor and a helpful anti-slip handle. Moreover, it matches other models in the range.

Get it for $134.95 on Amazon.

  1. The Tappecue AirProbe2 wireless meat probe helps you cook tender, juicy meat every time. It even works in smokers, rotisseries, and air fryers.

Serve your family perfectly cooked meat over the holidays with the Tappecue AirProbe2 wireless meat probe. It tells you when your meat is ready, preventing overdone meat. What’s more, it saves your cooking history and lets you check the temperature from your phone.

Get it for $79 on Amazon.바카라사이트

  1. The Masterbuilt 30″ Digital Electric Smoker has enough capacity to feed a crowd. Use it to add savory flavor to meat, vegetables, and more.

Want to smoke a couple of turkeys for Thanksgiving? Maybe your family loves smoked ham for the holidays. You can make them yourself with the Masterbuilt 30″ Digital Electric Smoker. It’s ideal for beginners and pros and provides 711 square inches of smoking space. It’s one of the best kitchen gadgets for family dinners.

Get it for $279.99 on the official website.

  1. The KEURIG K-Café SMART Single Serve Coffee Maker covers all your after-dinner coffee needs, creating cappuccinos, espresso, and more.

End a great family meal with equally delicious coffee from the KEURIG K-Café SMART Single Serve Coffee Maker. It brews specialty coffees precisely, thanks to the BrewID tech. Meanwhile, the Barista Mode offers step-by-step instructions for lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and more.

Get it for $249.99 on the official website.

  1. The Tom Gozney Signature Edition Roccbox pizza oven bakes restaurant-quality pizza, perfect for fun family get-togethers.

Pretty much everyone loves homemade pizza. And with the Tom Gozney Signature Edition Roccbox pizza oven, you can serve your family a pizzeria-style pie anywhere. It reaches 950° F and is easy to use indoors or out.

Get it for $599 on the official website.

  1. The LG InstaView Double Oven Range smart cooking appliance actually helps you get a family holiday meal on the table faster.

The pressure’s on when you have the whole family over for dinner. Sail through it with the LG InstaView Double Oven Range smart cooking appliance. Its ProBake Convection technology allows it to cook quickly without preheating. Then, the precise temperatures assure shorter cooking times which is why it’s one of the best kitchen gadgets for family dinners.

Get it for $3,099 on the official website.

  1. The Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt – Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker makes frozen desserts in 20 minutes or fewer. It also has a large, 1.5-quart capacity.

Treat everyone to homemade ice cream, sorbet, and yogurt in just 20 minutes with the Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt – Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker. Its insulated freezer bowl doesn’t require ice and the large capacity means you only need to make a batch or 2 to feed your party.

Get it for $84.99 on the official website.

Cooking for the entire family is a breeze when you have these kitchen gadgets in your cooking arsenal. What appliances make cooking easier for you? Let us know!

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Explainer: Parler: what is the social media app Kanye West is buying?

Oct 18 (Reuters) – U.S. rapper Kanye West, who now goes by Ye, has agreed in principle to buy social media platform Parler, which is popular among U.S. conservatives, the app’s parent company said on Monday.카지노사이트

Yes offer comes after the artist was locked out of his Twitter (TWTR.N) and Instagram accounts this month for making posts that online users condemned as anti-Semitic.

Here is what you need to know about the social media platform.

Parler was founded in 2018 as a self-styled free speech platform. Its hands-off approach to content moderation has made it popular among U.S. conservatives who disagree with content limits on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

However, Parler’s less stringent rules have gotten it into trouble with tech giants. After the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol by supporters of former President Donald Trump, Apple Inc.(AAPL.O) and Alphabet’s Google (GOOGL.O) took Parler off their app stores, saying the company had not taken adequate measures to prevent posts inciting violence. Inc also temporarily stopped hosting the platform, effectively taking it offline.

Apple and Google have both allowed Parler back on their platforms after the app undertook content moderation measures, including features to block abusive users and remove content that could incite violence.

Ye’s offer to buy Parler comes in response to his suspension from larger platforms. He believes Parler is a place for people like him who cannot express themselves on other sites, Ye told Bloomberg.

Parler was founded in 2018 as a self-styled free speech platform. Its hands-off approach to content moderation has made it popular among U.S. conservatives who disagree with content limits on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

However, Parler’s less stringent rules have gotten it into trouble with tech giants. After the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol by supporters of former President Donald Trump, Apple Inc.(AAPL.O) and Alphabet’s Google (GOOGL.O) took Parler off their app stores, saying the company had not taken adequate measures to prevent posts inciting violence. Inc also temporarily stopped hosting the platform, effectively taking it offline.바카라사이트

Ye’s offer to buy Parler comes in response to his suspension from larger platforms. He believes Parler is a place for people like him who cannot express themselves on other sites, Ye told Bloomberg.

“In a world where conservative opinions are considered to be controversial we have to make sure we have the right to freely express ourselves,” said Ye in a statement.

Ye’s move comes as others includingTrump and Tesla (TSLA.O) CEO Elon Musk have turned to social media ownership to combat censorship on prominent social media networks. Musk is in negotiations to buy Twitter and Trump started his own network called Truth Social.

Parler is owned by Parlement Technologies Inc, created last month as part of a larger overhaul to focus on customers who risk being pushed off the internet.

Parlement’s CEO is George Farmer, an active financial supporter of Britain’s Brexit Party. Farmer is also married to Candace Owens, a prominent conservative commentator and Trump ally.

Parler did not give a deal value, but the Nashville-based company has raised about $56 million to date. It expects the deal to close during the fourth quarter of 2022.

Farmer declined to comment on whether the deal includes a break-up fee if either party terminates it.온라인카지노


JLL Philippines tapped as Strategic Real Estate Advisor by Araneta Group

The Araneta Group, renowned for pioneering and establishing ground-breaking retail, food service, entertainment, and hospitality developments, has partnered with and engaged JLL Philippines as its strategic real estate advisor for its 35-hectare property located at the heart of Quezon City, Metro Manila.카지노사이트

JLL Philippines’ services for the City of Firsts will cover exclusive office leasing, strategy and advisory services for space offerings such as the interconnected Araneta City Cyberpark, a cluster of integrated office, retail and dining spaces that is home to numerous large Information Technology & Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) companies.

According to JLL’s Country Head, Joey Radovan, “JLL is delighted to partner with the Araneta Group in promoting the benefits of a transit-oriented development that addresses all the needs of corporate occupiers, residents and travelers alike. Being connected and having access to both the LRT and MRT train lines plus its strategic location along EDSA is clearly a distinct advantage for the company’s developments.”바카라사이트

Araneta City is positioned in all fronts as a leisure, entertainment, office, and residential hub in the heart of Metro Manila. It is highly accessible to all work force profiles, with all modes of public transportation supported by a robust retail, entertainment, food and beverage, and hospitality amenities within the bustling City of Firsts.

“Current residents and tenants are very satisfied with the environment we continue to develop and innovate within Araneta City, as evidenced by our continuous development of residential and office towers,” said Lorna Fabian, Vice President for Leasing of the Araneta Group.온라인카지노


Documentary Has a Diversity Problem — A New Movie Theater Is Trying to Solve It

For 50 years, the nonprofit documentary production company DCTV has been at the forefront of producing socially conscious nonfiction cinema on a grassroots scale.

That mission extended last week to the realization of a longstanding goal with the opening of the Firehouse Cinema,

a single-screen theater exclusively dedicated to showing documentary films located at DCTV’s Lower Manhattan headquarters,

in the same old firehouse that co-founders Jon Alpert and Keiko Tsuno have worked for decades.카지노사이트

Alpert has leaned into the building’s history, outfitting the concession stand with the front of an old fire truck, working with firefighters to make movies for an upcoming firefighter film festival, and even populating descriptions of his goals during an interview with firehouse puns.

“We wanted a place where documentaries weren’t tagging along in the caboose,” he told IndieWire. “They were in the engine car.” Later, he added: “We are six rungs above the ladder of any place that we’ve been before.”

Beyond the kitsch, though, stands an opportunity to facilitate real change. The theater presents a promising new rental space for documentary Oscar contenders in need of qualifying runs and tastemaker events,

which the owners hope will supply a sufficient revenue stream to cover operating costs as well as the underlying goal: to inject a range of diverse voices into the documentary field, while cultivating an audience for that work.

“We were trying to figure out how to go direct-to-consumer ever since we started,” Alpert said as he settled into the 68-seat theater and gazed at the empty screen a few days before the opening. “The initial DCTV screening room was an old postal service truck that we got for five bucks.”

Alpert has recited that lore many times over the years, and for good reason: In those early days, Alpert — who was nominated for short film documentary Oscars in 2009 and 2012 — and Tsuno would set up screenings of educational videos around Chinatown and the Lower East Side.

By engaging the immigrant community through film, they helped locals recognize the value of documenting their own lives for both archival and representational purposes.

In the process, they anticipated conversations about the need for broader representation and marginalized voices in the film community decades before “diversity” became an industry buzzword. “It was a good, bubbling melting pot in those days,” Alpert said.

I think that it was fairly diverse in the beginning. There was a collective representing any possible grouping of people.” He ticked off some of groups that emerged out of the DCTV ecosystem during its early chapters.

“There was the Black Documentary, Third World Newsreel, Asians and Latinos making documentary films,” Alpert said. “Documentarians need to be more self-reflective about whose stories they’re telling.”

Now that mentality has extended to the new theater’s curatorial agenda as it aims to address a growing concern in the documentary community. “I’ll say it,” Alpert said. “Too many Ken Burns movies. Not enough others.”

Burns’ prolific work for PBS faced a public reckoning last year when an open letter signed by over 130 BIPOC filmmakers took the network to task for commissioning projects from the same figure over the years in lieu of bringing new voices into the fold.

“How many other ‘independent’ filmmakers have a decades long exclusive relationship with a publicly funded entity?,” the letter asked. “

Public television supporting this level of uninvestigated privilege is troubling not just for us as filmmakers but as tax-paying Americans.”

Alpert wasn’t surprised by the outcry. “Sometimes, the more things change, the more they stay the same,” he said. “

There is a very thin top layer of recognized documentarians who get their projects funded, get the resources that they need, and might, if they’re lucky, get into a theater.

There is a very, very exciting proliferation of people who make documentaries who want to see documentaries, and there’s been nothing done to service that, especially in a theatrical sense.”

The Firehouse Cinema staff is angling to address that rift, said director of programming and engagement Dara Messinger, who has worked at DCTV for nearly 20 years. “I want [to program] fewer white heterosexual directors,” she said.

“We want the slate to be way more diverse. I want to empower other people to share their stories and just share perspectives.

I think sometimes a documentary community pats themselves on the back like they’re doing everything and they’re so aware and they’re so great.

We can be a whole lot better and we need to be accountable to each other.”온라인카지노

The first movie opening at the Firehouse Cinema doesn’t quite underline that goal, as “The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales” was co-directed by a wealthy white woman, Abigail Disney.

However, Disney’s first-person essay film takes aim at her own family’s wealth and casts it in a critical light.

The next documentary opening at the theater, “I Didn’t See You There,” revolves around filmmaker Reid Davenport’s experiences with cerebral palsy as he looks back on the problematic history of disabled people in popular culture.

The movie won the prize for Best Director at Sundance this year but had yet to find a theatrical distributor until the Firehouse programmed it, effectively giving it an awards-qualifying run.

“There are so many amazing films out there that don’t have that,” Messinger said. “It’s kind of ridiculous.”

Other programs on the schedule include an evening event with Oscar-nominated filmmaker Stanley Nelson and a special screening of painter Titus Kaphar’s “Shut Up and Paint,” which looks at the way his work confronts the unspoken racial biases of the art world.

An upcoming grant will allow documentarians to do finishing work on their films in the theater during off-hours. “We’ve never done anything on this particular scale before,” Alpert said.

“But nobody besides us has the 50 years of documentary experience that we have and the commitment to the documentary community.”

As if to illustrate the collaborative aspect of the project, Alpert pointed out the halved tree trunks that line the walls of the theater were donated by cinematographer Hart Perry from his privately-owned forest upstate.

At the opening party later in the week, he handed out awards to multiple people who had known him and his wife for at least 50 years, including a retired finance executive from Aetna who once sat on the company’s board.

“We believe in collaboration, not separation,” Alpert said. “And collaboration can happen physically in a place like this.”

Messinger said that the theater rentals have been dominated by bigger documentary distributors like Netflix and HBO, for better or worse.

“This is the fall is award season, so the distributors who are knocking on my door right now are releasing the films that already have the most funding, made by veteran filmmakers that have the backing to make them successful.

Those filmmakers are predominantly white people.”

She added that upcoming programs that included shorts films aimed to rectify the imbalance. “I’m hoping that come the new year, once we’re coming out of award season, we can really dig in,” she said.

As much as the rentals helped keep the lights on, Messinger added, she wasn’t concerned about box office.

“Nobody builds a cinema to make money,” she said. “Ticket sales aren’t going to do that.”

Instead, other business opportunities come from a burgeoning membership program and an adjoining events space. “

The business model has to have a balance,” she said. “That the challenge of a single-screen cinema.

For Alpert and Tsuno, DCTV is a world they inhabit 24/7. After joining Alpert briefly in the theater, Tsuno excused herself to go upstairs and prepare dinner.

“We’ve got seven days a week to satiate everybody’s taste,” Alpert said. “Are we going to have something that everybody likes all the time?

No. We’re happy to have constructive criticism and we’re going to listen to that criticism. Are we going to get everything perfect? No, but we’ll get it really good.” 바카라사이트


Student tech: the best gadgets to help you make the most of university

The end of the summer is here, and with it the start of a new semester at university. The landscape of learning certainly looks brighter than it has for the last couple of years but the need to have the right gear is just as big, with many universities offering a mix of in-person and online learning.카지노사이트

From laptops and phones to headphones and note-taking tools, here’s a guide to some of the tech that will help make the most of the student experience at a time of stretched finances.

Laptops and tablets

Most work ends up being done with a laptop, so getting the right machine makes student life that little bit easier.

Portability and screen size are key trade-offs. The bigger the screen, the easier it is to work on, but the heavier it will be to lug between lectures. I recommend a 13in to 14in screen as a happy medium but if you are frequently going to be plugging into a monitor, a smaller machine might be preferable. Make sure the display is at least 1080p in resolution.

Look for the 11th or the latest 12th generation Intel i5 or i7 processors, at least 8GB of RAM, and 128GB or more of SSD storage.

Don’t be tempted by the cheaper price or larger storage of a laptop with a traditional magnetic hard drive as it will be slow.

Generally, you can get a solid Windows 11 laptop for about £500-600. Be aware that at this price you will sacrifice typing and mousing experience, screen, speaker and webcam quality, and probably battery life, too. Of laptops usually on offer for £550 or so, the Acer Aspire 5, HP Pavilion 14 and Dell Inspiron 14 are worth considering with the right spec.

But my pick for a sub-£600 portable machine would be the mid-range Surface Laptop Go 2 at about £566 with student discount.

If you have a bigger budget and want a better screen, keyboard, trackpad, speakers and performance, my pick for a laptop under £1,000 is the tremendous Apple M1 MacBook Air at £898 with student discount, which has a gamechanging 16-hour battery life, so you will never need to carry your charger. If you need Windows, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 at £849 with a student discount is also very good.


The good news is that great smartphones can be had for well under £500.

The recently released Google Pixel 6a is the best budget phone of the year, costing £360 with a student discount. It beats many phones double its price, with top performance, a great camera and superb software, including the excellent auto-transcribing Google Recorder app.

Alternatively, the iPhone SE 2022 at about £419 is equally good value if you are within Apple’s ecosystem. It looks dated but has top performance and will last up to seven years with software updates, whereas most others will last about five.


If you can stretch to it, a tablet can also be a very useful addition to your computing armoury, offering utility for learning and entertainment.

Apple’s basic iPad, for instance, costs £319, or less with student discount, and has a good 10.2in screen, which can be used for note-taking with an Apple Pencil (£85) or as a portable second screen for a Mac when you need a second monitor on the go. There are lots of educational and productivity apps available for it, as well as a keyboard case if you would like to use it as a small substitute for a laptop. With all the video or music-streaming services available, it makes a great portable TV, too.바카라사이트

Amazon’s budget-conscious Fire tablets costing from £60 offer the entertainment options but aren’t good for productivity. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A8 from £219 is more useful but lacks stylus support and the multitude of productivity and education apps available for the iPad.


Concentrating in the hubbub of a busy library, cafe or student house can be hard without a good set of headphones to block out the noise.

Wireless earbuds are great for listening on the go. Nothing’s Ear 1 have noise-cancelling, sound good, last a long time on battery and have a funky transparent design that is comfortable to wear. They work with Androids or iPhones, as well as laptops, and cost about £89.

Apple’s AirPods 3 are good, too, but they do not block out noise, relying instead on simply drowning it out. They are excellent for calls and can be had for about £180; just watch out for fakes.

If focus is your priority, you can’t beat a large set of over-ear noise-cancelling headphones. My top pick are the older Sony WH-1000XM4, which are still excellent at blocking out most noise and sound fantastic. They connect to your laptop and phone at the same time, fold up nicely for travel and are pretty robust. Shop around and you can often find them for well under £250.

Note-taking apps

Keeping your digital notes, lectures and ideas organised and easily accessible on the go can be tricky but thankfully there are many tools that can help.

I’m a longtime fan of Evernote as a cross-platform tool for collecting notes, images, audio recordings and practically anything else in one cloud-syncable place, with apps for almost any device. It is free for up to two devices, such as your phone and laptop, with 60MB of monthly uploads, which will be fine for text notes and the odd photo. Evernote Personal costs £5.99 a month, or students get 40-50% off a yearly subscription.

Microsoft’s OneNote is an excellent alternative, with similar features and apps on most devices. It is free to use but notes are stored in OneDrive, which comes free with a Microsoft account with 5GB of space. More OneDrive storage costs £1.99 a month for 100GB of space, or it can be bought with a Microsoft 365 account starting at £59.99, which includes 1TB of storage as well as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook apps.

Apple’s Notes is also very good, particularly for handwritten notes on an iPad, but is not cross-platform and cannot handle quite as many file attachments or advanced features. It is free to use on iPhones, iPads, Macs and in the browser but uses your free 5GB of iCloud storage space, with 50GB of storage costing 79p a month.온라인카지노