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Australian housing market set for correction and possible bust, new report warns

Australia’s housing market is hurtling headlong into a correction which could burst the property bubble.카지노사이트

That’s according to a new report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), released earlier this month.

The research found that Australia has one of the most “misaligned” housing markets in the world, and is among the most unaffordable.

This year, Australian housing prices rose 50 per cent above what the median household can afford, according to the report, as real wages declined because of inflation.

Now the average family is spending 40 per cent of what they make to keep a roof over their heads.

The IMF warned that developed housing markets around the world, including in Australia, could be headed for a correction after the unprecedented gains of 2021, with signs already on the way of values declining.

This could bring the possibility of a “bust”, where the housing market might crash.

“While episodes of housing price corrections played out historically in many different shapes and degrees of severity, the more pronounced episodes — ‘housing busts’— have been associated with severe economic recessions in most cases,” the report stated, noting that the world was in danger of one such economic recession.

If such a thing were to happen, this would have “severe repercussions” on the average person because typically “the main source” of people’s wealth and debts lie with their property, as it could see prices plunge 30 per cent.

Australia and Japan were named and shamed in the Asia-Pacific region as having the two worst “overburden rates” — where the share of the population spending more than 40 per cent of its income on housing was higher than the OECD average.

Australia’s housing market was also specifically shamed alongside New Zealand, Canada and Hong Kong as being the most “misaligned” in the world where the ratio of income to house prices and rent was skewed.

The IMF also stated that Australia was the most misaligned in the Asia-Pacific region, with New Zealand a close second.바카라사이트

“Our model-based analysis shows that a high magnitude of price misalignment, when combined with the impacts of high policy rates, can lead to a sizeable price correction, nearly comparable to past episodes of housing busts,” the paper warned.

At another point in the report, it pointed to past research which found that housing prices fell by nearly 30 per cent in a bust when the bubble burst.

In 2021, New Zealand enjoyed the largest property gains, at 35 per cent nationally.

As a result, its central bank has brought up the cash rate by 400 percentage points since September last year in what many say is a warning sign for the rest of the world.

For the last two quarters, New Zealand house prices have recorded a significant drop.

Similarly, Australia’s market rose 25 per cent during the “acute phase” of the pandemic last year and since then has been on the decline, especially amid eight back to back interest rate rises.

NAB predicted that Australian house prices will suffer an overall drop of nearly 23 per cent in 2023.온라인카지노


This Metaverse Documentary Wants You To Feel Good About The Metaverse

Self-proclaimed Web3 evangelist and entrepreneur Briar Prestidge says that discussing the Metaverse today is akin to discussing the Internet in the 1990s. Prestidge says many people could not comprehend how the Internet would evolve and transform how we live, work, learn and socialize.카지노사이트

To prove her point, Prestidge locked herself into a hotel room with one camera crew; and for 48 hours she immersed herself in virtual reality (VR) across metaverse platforms visting 33 different metaverse worlds. In her travels, she also interviewed 21 metaverse and VR creators, including a human behaviorist, who offered insights into the Metaverse’s ethics, behaviors, drivers and applications. The result is a 50-minute docu-film, 48 hours in the Metaverse, giving viewers a taste of what the Metaverse can do and make you feel.

“The Metaverse is currently in its nascent stages, rapidly evolving from gaming environments such as Fortnite and Roblox to having profound business implications, said Prestidge. “

“With the growth of NFTs, cryptocurrencies and the development of interoperability such as ReadyPlayerMe’s avatars across various metaverses has opened a score of business opportunities in terms of products, services, processes, as well as customer and employee experiences,” added Prestidge.

Prestidge is no stranger to some of those services. She created a line of NFT Powersuits for women in Decentraland earlier this year in 2o22.

Prestidge believes the Metaverse offers something that the Internet has yet to do – experience ourselves as entirely different identities than who we are in real life.

By 2026, Gartner estimates that 25% of people will spend at least one hour a day in a metaverse. A recent study found that one-third of U.S. adults fear the Metaverse and what it offers rather than viewing it as a positive development. An additional 58 % felt they needed to learn more about the Metaverse or how it works to have an opinion.

“No one knows precisely what the metaverse will entail or become, but VR creators and monetizers are starting to form some ideas,” said Prestidge.

Prestidge ‘stopped by’ Nikeland in the Roblox metaverse which has 21 million visitors. “To Gen Z and Alpha, what’s happening in the Metaverse is as vital to them as real life. They may skip over what we know as social media and go straight to the Metaverse instead.”


To anticipate and potentially avoid some of the ethical, social and economic pitfalls of the Metaverse and identify ways in which the Metaverse can help solve real-life problems. Prestidge says the industry needs to start a broader dialogue with consumers, investors, businesses, scientists, teachers, healthcare providers and lawmakers instead of waiting until the technology has already been fully rolled out.

Prestidge hopes the documentary will open up conversations about climate change, social interactions and women’s issues.

“How the Metaverse help address climate change by reducing the consumption of valuable resources by purchasing NFTs instead of spending thousands of dollars and wasting water, energy, and other natural resources to produce and manufacture luxury goods and other unessential items?” said Prestidge. “Will the ability to interact in VR with others around the world increase our ability to empathize with others, or as we have seen with social media, will it increase isolation and lessen our ability to interact with real people with civility even if we disagree on core issues. These are some of the questions I believe need to be addressed.” 바카라사이트

Prestidge says her experience illustrates that the desire for community drives the Metaverse. “There is a massive misconception that the metaverse is technology, but it’s more about how we interact with technology. It’s about community and having an immersive, shared experience,” said Prestidge.

“It allows people to be interconnected across the world [..], and the Metaverse gives people a better opportunity to communicate and interact with those far away,” said Prestidge. “Social media [..] is not social anymore – it is more about likes and endless scrolling than connecting and socializing with each other.”

“As we have recently seen on Twitter, social media has become more about divisiveness and incivility rather than finding a place where you feel a sense of belonging and connection to others,” added Prestidge.

“We can only address such questions if we fundamentally understand what the Metaverse is and possess a basic knowledge of how it works,” said Prestidge.

Prestige says that we can not fully understand the true power and potential of VR and Metaverse platforms unless the average person experiences it for themselves and starts asking crucial questions about how it can be used to solve complex problems and the underlying ethical, legal, logistical, and social issues associated with it.

In one of the Metaverse worlds in the documentary, Prestige visited Microsoft’s re-creation of the riots that took place at New York City’s Stonewall Inn in 1969, explored the digital twin of the Dubai Expo 2020 Al Wasl Dome, and explored the Uluru Kata National Park for the United Nations Day of Social Justice.

“All of these experiences add not only to our understanding of human history and unique cultural experiences but also enhance our involvement with each other and what it means to be part of a community,” said Prestige.


Prestidge believes the Metaverse can help with creating a sense of global community from boosting women’s safety and inclusion to encouraging a focus on mental health.

“What if those who had a vested interest in women’s rights, for example, could meet at a virtual cafe weekly to discuss issues of common concern, such as reproductive rights?” said Prestidge. “Drawing on the different experiences and challenges women face around the globe and how they have worked to address them would provide hope and practical advice and counsel to others in the group, no matter where they live.

“We already see this taking place in the Metaverse at the Foremothers Cafe, the world’s first VR cafe based on a historic 19th-century novel Sour Milk in Sheep’s Wool bringing together women to discuss feminist issues,” adds Prestidge.

In healthcare, Rocket Health launched a series of VR studies to explore effective ways to treat mental health issues by working directly with board-certified health professionals and hospitals.

In the 48 Hours in the Metaverse documentary, Prestidge spoke with Heather Bucalos, a nurse and a two-time cancer survivor. Bucalos used VR during her stem cell treatment to help her cope with pain by offering her a tranquil environment that allowed her to meditate and practice pain management tips in real time.

“The ability to see, hear, and even smell the beach, waves, and salty air in VR made it much easier for Heather to get into her meditative state more quickly to allow for faster and more effective pain relief, said Prestidge. “RocketHealth VR also offers chronically ill patients the opportunity to engage in guided live support groups to share a common experience wherever they live and provide the mental health, spiritual support and deep relationships that have proven essential for severely ill patients’ survival.” 온라인카지노


Top 5 Best Casino Sites and Why

As an online casino player, you want to play at the best online casinos. Not only do they offer great casino games and a wide variety of deposit options, they also offer mobile casino play. In fact, the top casino sites offer the same experience on mobile as they do on desktop. Moreover, these sites have mobile versions that are fully optimized and are designed with mobile devices in mind. This way, you can play your favorite casino games on your phone, without leaving your desk or sitting at home.카지노사이트

Bovada is the oldest online casino site

Bovada is one of the oldest online casino sites and is a great option for US players. While this site is known for its progressive jackpots and a Bitcoin welcome package, it is a bit limited on what countries it serves. For example, it does not accept players from Canada, Australia, or Serbia. However, you will find a host of other reasons to play at Bovada.

Bovada offers a wide selection of games that are fun and exciting. Its online casino is well-designed and responds well on all types of devices. Users can use their smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs to access the site. They also accept Bitcoin and offer 24/7 customer support. In addition, they offer many of the most popular casino games, including jackpot games and themed slots.

El Royale is the oldest

El Royale Casino is a classic speakeasy with vintage graphics. The site is easy to navigate and responds to touches and clicks quickly. Its plum accent color and greyscale color palette give it a vintage feel. Signup buttons are subtle and the site has well-designed promotional banners. The site is fully legal for US residents, and the casino is run by a trustworthy company. Players can play for real money and have a safe experience at El Royale.

El Royale offers an extensive collection of games. They include more than a dozen table games and a large variety of poker games. You can choose from games like Caribbean Stud Poker, Pai-Gow Poker, and Texas Hold’em. There is also a section dedicated to blackjack games. There are American and European Blackjack as well as Pontoon and Super 21.바카라사이트

BitStarz is the most trusted

BitStarz is an industry-leading casino site, with an outstanding game selection and convenient crypto banking options. The site offers over 3,500 slot games, including 50 provably fair titles. The casino also offers an impressive selection of blackjack, roulette, and video poker games. Players can also use their $1,000 fun balance to try out new games and test game features.

The website allows players to use Ethereum to make transactions on the site. While ETH transactions can be made on the site, only a certain amount of money can be deposited or withdrawn per transaction. Players who are unsure of how much ETH to deposit or withdraw should first contact support via email or live chat. Email inquiries are typically responded to within 24 hours. The casino also responds to comments on Twitter and Facebook.

BetOnline is the safest

BetOnline is one of the few online gambling sites to accept US players and has a solid reputation. The site also offers several methods of banking, including credit card deposit. Previously, US gamblers were limited in their ability to deposit or withdraw money from gambling websites because of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. BetOnline, however, offers the most secure banking options available in the US market.

BetOnline has a number of safety measures in place, including a license from the government of Panama. This license ensures that customer information is safe and confidential. The site also conducts numerous safety checks to ensure the integrity of its user data. It is important to note that BetOnline has not disclosed any confidential information to anyone in the past 25 years. However, players must still be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their passwords. The casino cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen passwords.

Ignition is the most popular

Ignition is the most popular casino website on the Internet. The registration process is simple and the registration fee is low. The casino offers a variety of promotions. The Ignition Rewards program allows players to accumulate points by playing the casino games. This program also allows players to earn Chrome status in the poker division.
The Ignition Casino is a well-established brand with a history dating back to 2016. Its management has extensive experience in the online gambling industry and its games are mobile-friendly. It also has good customer support.온라인카지노


The Stuff Gadget Awards 2022: The top 3 gadgets of the year

It’s time! Time to reveal the year’s very toppermost gadgets in the Stuff Gadget Awards 2022 – in other words, the cream of the crop from all the categories. As usual we wait until the tail end of the year to do these awards, because why reveal a list in the summer when the major launches of the year haven’t been announced yet? 카지노사이트

There’s been an incredible crop of gear this year; at times there was a new launch every week and at others there were new products every day so there was no shortage of contenders across all categories. This year we’ve had more awards than ever and you can see them at our Stuff Awards 2022 hub page.

Unlike others we don’t publicise our longlist or take money for entries – the winners are chosen by the team behind this website and Stuff magazine and are editorially independent of any commercial concerns.

So without further ado – and in reverse order – here are our picks for overall gadget of the year.

  1. SkyStream

It’s been 10 years since Sky launched its first streaming service Now TV. That’s a long time to wait for a dish-free Sky box, but Sky Stream proves it was worth the wait. Using nothing but your common or garden Wi-Fi, this little box removes the one thing that stops most people from getting Sky. OK, there’s still the not-insignificant monthly cost, but this is slightly cheaper, and while there’s no hard drive like you get with Sky Q, recording stuff locally feels increasingly like the old-fashioned way to watch things. Give it another 10 years and we’re pretty sure satellite dishes will be very much a thing of the past.

  1. Sony WH-1000XM5

Like Guy Fawkes Night, Christmas and Flying Ant Day, it seems a year just isn’t complete unless we declare another pair of Sony headphones our favourite and 2022 is no different. The redesigned WH-1000XM5s, replaced the Sony WH-1000XM4s, which replaced the XM3s – and these ones are even better than ever. Lightweight and supremely comfortable, with better sound quality and noise-cancelling performance than ever, Sony has also managed to improve the wear detection and squeeze in hands-free voice assistant support. All in all, the best got noticeably better with the XM5s, and we’ll be happy with these on our head until Sony decides to outdo itself again.바카라사이트

Overall Gadget of the Year: Valve Steam Deck

It wasn’t all that long ago that people were predicting the extinction of the handheld console. But here we are at the end of 2022 awarding one the ultimate accolade: Stuff’s Gadget of the Year. It’s not hard to see why the outlook was once so gloomy. People seemed happy to play games on their phones, and when console-quality graphics became a reality a dedicated handheld gaming machine just seemed increasingly obsolete, destined for the scrapheap alongside sat-navs and MP3 players. But after Nintendo’s Switch reminded people of the joys of using actual buttons and control sticks rather than prodding at touchscreens, and game streaming became possible thanks to things like Xbox Cloud Gaming, dedicated handheld consoles are well and truly back – and nothing shows that better than the Steam Deck. Others have tried to make portable gaming PCs a thing before, but when you combine a meaty AMD Zen 2 CPU, RDNA 2 GPU and 16GB of RAM with Steam’s incredible catalogue of games, be it AAA titles like Elden Ring or indie gems like Vampire Survivors, you’ve got a winning package. No, the Steam Deck isn’t perfect, but sometimes winning Gadget of the Year is almost as much about what a product represents as how it performs. 2022 feels like the start of a new era for gaming – and the Steam Deck is right at the forefront of it. 온라인카지노


Social media conversations are driven by those on the margins, says new research

Log on to your favorite social media site and you’re likely to see a slew of posts and opinions on controversial topics like social justice, immigration, and corrupt elections. And while it may seem natural to assume that the prevailing online opinions represent the views of the majority, a new study from BYU says conversations on social media are being driven by the far left and right, not the majority in the middle.카지노사이트

The study found that most people—moderate Democrats and Republicans—are self-censoring their comments on social media to not create contention, lose friends online, or be perceived a certain way. Those on the margins, however, don’t fear backlash or retaliation from offering isolating opinions and are voicing viewpoints that go largely unchecked, fueling online dialogue that is becoming increasingly polarized.

“Those on the far left and far right are the ones speaking up on social media,” said Devin Knighton, BYU public relations professor and co-author of the study. “They report lower levels of self-censorship than those who are moderate.”

To understand the impact of the vocal minority on social media, Knighton, along with BYU public relations professor Chris Wilson and graduate student Alycia Burnett, surveyed more than 1,000 participants from a nationwide sample that mirrored the U.S. census. The study, recently published in the Social Media + Society journal, asked participants about their social media use, how worried they are about losing friends on social media due to political differences, and how likely they were to self-censor their social media comments.

The results indicate that those who self-identify as a strong conservative and or liberal possess the lowest levels of self-censorship and will speak up about the issues they care about. Conversely, the majority in the middle; including moderate conservatives, independents, and moderate liberals are self-censoring on social media and creating a silencing effect of the majority.

The authors say the reason the silent majority elects not to voice their opinion on issues goes beyond the fear of losing friends—they’re worried that by sharing their opinion they may be perceived to be identifying a certain way.

“For example, if someone wants to post that they think we should be more careful and considerate in how we talk about, treat, and work with immigrants, they might be afraid that they could be identified as a liberal,” said Knighton.

Participants in the study were also asked to identify how they felt about specific social issues using a political typology tool developed by the Pew Research Center. The Pew political typology groups people according to the policy positions they favor rather than the political party or political identity they use to describe themselves. Looking at the self-censorship data across political typology revealed no significant difference across the typology spectrum.바카라사이트

“It’s striking that people were more affected by social media conservations when we focused on their political identity than when we focused on their actual policy positions,” Wilson said. “Maybe one way to turn down the volume a notch on political social media conversations is to spend less time defending our identities and more time talking about potential solutions to specific social issues. If we get out of the mode of trying to prove that we are right and get into the mode of talking about solutions to specific problems, there may be a chance that social media can be a less intimidating place to talk about politics.”

Knighton says these findings hold important implications for the average American and serve as a reminder to recognize that what you read on social media doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of the broader population. He says it’s important to think critically about the news articles you see on social media because the individuals sharing articles online likely lean toward one extreme or the other.

“If you feel afraid to post anything, recognize that it might be more related to identity politics than to your sense of connection and belonging,” said Knighton. “You can stand up for rational, moderate viewpoints and maintain your friendships. You just have to be willing to leave identity politics behind.” 온라인카지노