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Student tech: the best gadgets to help you make the most of university

The end of the summer is here, and with it the start of a new semester at university. The landscape of learning certainly looks brighter than it has for the last couple of years but the need to have the right gear is just as big, with many universities offering a mix of in-person and online learning.카지노사이트

From laptops and phones to headphones and note-taking tools, here’s a guide to some of the tech that will help make the most of the student experience at a time of stretched finances.

Laptops and tablets

Most work ends up being done with a laptop, so getting the right machine makes student life that little bit easier.

Portability and screen size are key trade-offs. The bigger the screen, the easier it is to work on, but the heavier it will be to lug between lectures. I recommend a 13in to 14in screen as a happy medium but if you are frequently going to be plugging into a monitor, a smaller machine might be preferable. Make sure the display is at least 1080p in resolution.

Look for the 11th or the latest 12th generation Intel i5 or i7 processors, at least 8GB of RAM, and 128GB or more of SSD storage.

Don’t be tempted by the cheaper price or larger storage of a laptop with a traditional magnetic hard drive as it will be slow.

Generally, you can get a solid Windows 11 laptop for about £500-600. Be aware that at this price you will sacrifice typing and mousing experience, screen, speaker and webcam quality, and probably battery life, too. Of laptops usually on offer for £550 or so, the Acer Aspire 5, HP Pavilion 14 and Dell Inspiron 14 are worth considering with the right spec.

But my pick for a sub-£600 portable machine would be the mid-range Surface Laptop Go 2 at about £566 with student discount.

If you have a bigger budget and want a better screen, keyboard, trackpad, speakers and performance, my pick for a laptop under £1,000 is the tremendous Apple M1 MacBook Air at £898 with student discount, which has a gamechanging 16-hour battery life, so you will never need to carry your charger. If you need Windows, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 at £849 with a student discount is also very good.


The good news is that great smartphones can be had for well under £500.

The recently released Google Pixel 6a is the best budget phone of the year, costing £360 with a student discount. It beats many phones double its price, with top performance, a great camera and superb software, including the excellent auto-transcribing Google Recorder app.

Alternatively, the iPhone SE 2022 at about £419 is equally good value if you are within Apple’s ecosystem. It looks dated but has top performance and will last up to seven years with software updates, whereas most others will last about five.


If you can stretch to it, a tablet can also be a very useful addition to your computing armoury, offering utility for learning and entertainment.

Apple’s basic iPad, for instance, costs £319, or less with student discount, and has a good 10.2in screen, which can be used for note-taking with an Apple Pencil (£85) or as a portable second screen for a Mac when you need a second monitor on the go. There are lots of educational and productivity apps available for it, as well as a keyboard case if you would like to use it as a small substitute for a laptop. With all the video or music-streaming services available, it makes a great portable TV, too.바카라사이트

Amazon’s budget-conscious Fire tablets costing from £60 offer the entertainment options but aren’t good for productivity. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A8 from £219 is more useful but lacks stylus support and the multitude of productivity and education apps available for the iPad.


Concentrating in the hubbub of a busy library, cafe or student house can be hard without a good set of headphones to block out the noise.

Wireless earbuds are great for listening on the go. Nothing’s Ear 1 have noise-cancelling, sound good, last a long time on battery and have a funky transparent design that is comfortable to wear. They work with Androids or iPhones, as well as laptops, and cost about £89.

Apple’s AirPods 3 are good, too, but they do not block out noise, relying instead on simply drowning it out. They are excellent for calls and can be had for about £180; just watch out for fakes.

If focus is your priority, you can’t beat a large set of over-ear noise-cancelling headphones. My top pick are the older Sony WH-1000XM4, which are still excellent at blocking out most noise and sound fantastic. They connect to your laptop and phone at the same time, fold up nicely for travel and are pretty robust. Shop around and you can often find them for well under £250.

Note-taking apps

Keeping your digital notes, lectures and ideas organised and easily accessible on the go can be tricky but thankfully there are many tools that can help.

I’m a longtime fan of Evernote as a cross-platform tool for collecting notes, images, audio recordings and practically anything else in one cloud-syncable place, with apps for almost any device. It is free for up to two devices, such as your phone and laptop, with 60MB of monthly uploads, which will be fine for text notes and the odd photo. Evernote Personal costs £5.99 a month, or students get 40-50% off a yearly subscription.

Microsoft’s OneNote is an excellent alternative, with similar features and apps on most devices. It is free to use but notes are stored in OneDrive, which comes free with a Microsoft account with 5GB of space. More OneDrive storage costs £1.99 a month for 100GB of space, or it can be bought with a Microsoft 365 account starting at £59.99, which includes 1TB of storage as well as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook apps.

Apple’s Notes is also very good, particularly for handwritten notes on an iPad, but is not cross-platform and cannot handle quite as many file attachments or advanced features. It is free to use on iPhones, iPads, Macs and in the browser but uses your free 5GB of iCloud storage space, with 50GB of storage costing 79p a month.온라인카지노


Don’t cook chicken in NyQuil: FDA warns about dangerous social media challenges

(CNN)Want to cook chicken in NyQuil? Overdose on antihistamines? Swallow laundry detergent pods?카지노사이트

While most of us would recoil in horror from such dangerous suggestions, adolescents and young adults continue to be susceptible to social media dares like these, according to the US Food and Drug Administration.

“One social media trend relying on peer pressure is online video clips of people misusing nonprescription medications and encouraging viewers to do so too. These video challenges, which often target youths, can harm people — and even cause death,” the FDA stated in a warning.

One recent challenge posted on social media encouraged people to cook chicken in a mixture of acetaminophen, dextromethorphan and doxylamine — the basic ingredients of NyQuil and some similar over-the-counter cough and cold products.

“Boiling a medication can make it much more concentrated and change its properties in other ways,” the FDA said. “Even if you don’t eat the chicken, inhaling the medication’s vapors while cooking could cause high levels of the drugs to enter your body. It could also hurt your lungs.”

The agency also pointed to a TikTok challenge daring people to hallucinate by taking large doses of the over-the-counter antihistamine diphenhydramine. Called the “Benadryl Challenge,” the FDA cited reports of teens ending up in hospital emergency rooms or dying after participating.
Why are youth so susceptible?

The teenage brain isn’t fully developed, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. In fact the prefontal cortex, which manages rational thought, problem-solving and consequences, doesn’t fully develop until the mid-20s. That’s why teens and young adults are often impulsive and more prone to act without considering the ramifications, the AAP said.바카라사이트

“Kids won’t necessarily stop to consider that laundry detergent is a poison that can burn their throats and damage their airways. Or that misusing medications like diphenhydramine (Benadryl) can cause serious heart problems, seizures and coma,” warned the AAP on its website.

What they will focus on is that a popular kid in class did this and got hundreds of likes and comments,” the AAP website stated. “Social media rewards outrageous behavior, and the more outrageous, the bigger the bragging rights.”

Considering the massive impact of social media on teenage behavior, how can parents and caregivers keep their children from participating in such challenges?

Keep the lines of communication open, the AAP suggested. Ask your teen and their friends about social media dares and discuss them “calmly and without judgment” while encouraging them to think through any potential negative outcomes.

“Remind your children that overdoses can occur with OTC (over-the-counter) drugs as well as with prescription drugs,” the FDA stated. At home, keep all over-the-counter and prescription drugs locked up securely, the agency added.

If your teen seems reluctant to talk about what they’ve seen, ask about their friends instead: “Sometimes kids are more willing to talk about their peers than themselves,” the AAP noted.

If a child appears to have taken too many medications and “is hallucinating, can’t be awakened, has had or is having a seizure, has trouble breathing, has collapsed, or is showing other signs of drug misuse, call 911 to get immediate medical attention. Or contact poison control at 1-800-222-1222 or online,” the FDA said.온라인카지노

blue ribbon

What is blue ribbon real estate?

Blue ribbon real estate refers to a property that is in fantastic condition, to the point that it looks brand-new. Blue ribbon real estate does not refer to brand new construction. It refers specifically to homes that have been cleaned and maintained sufficiently enough that they are as appealing as a new home.카지노사이트

Other terms similar in meaning include “mint condition” or “turn-key ready,” which both imply a home’s nearly-new condition.

Buyers may be drawn to blue ribbon homes because they don’t require many (if any) repairs or upgrades. Because they have the appearance of newness, these properties may even sell at or above the asking price (depending on market conditions). In an especially competitive market, homes in blue-ribbon condition may give sellers an edge against “comps” — homes of a similar size and age in the area.

What is blue-ribbon condition in real estate?

In real estate, blue ribbon condition refers to homes that are in such good condition as to appear brand new.

Buyers may be more likely to purchase a home in blue-ribbon condition if it doesn’t require any cosmetic changes, and may therefore be able to take possession with a shorter closing period. While blue-ribbon homes are not considered new builds, they may be easier to find in newer neighborhoods. Alternatively, homes being sold by the original owner could be more likely to be in blue-ribbon condition.

Where does the term come from?

Blue ribbons are a common symbol of quality. Many local fairs or other competitions award blue ribbons to prize winners in various categories, from livestock competitions to pie baking contests or sports and art events. Traditionally, a blue ribbon would represent the award for highest achievement or quality.바카라사이트

So in real estate, “blue ribbon” equates to a property in the highest tier of condition, short of being new construction.

What other terms are equivalent to blue-ribbon condition?

A home that is in blue-ribbon condition might also be referred to as being in mint condition, indicating it has minimal imperfections or issues, although it is not necessarily unused.

Some people might also refer to blue ribbon homes as being in “turn-key condition” or “turn-key ready.” This terminology refers to the fact that the new owners won’t have to do anything to get the home ready to live in. All they have to do is turn the key on the front door.

Move-in condition” or “move-in ready” is yet another phrase that’s synonymous with blue-ribbon condition.

How do you get a home in blue ribbon condition?

To get a home into blue ribbon condition, you might need to ensure it is up-to-date in style or design, have fresh paint and carpets and ensure no repairs are outstanding. The latest in fixtures and features such as appliances, central heating and air systems or water heaters could lend a home blue-ribbon status.

Before listing a home in this condition, take photos: They will best represent the home if the rooms are devoid of clutter and styled effectively. A good staging company can help with this, highlighting the positive attributes and making your home look more inviting. Homeowners may also need to do a deep cleaning of the home or hire professional cleaners to achieve the turn-key or blue-ribbon level of quality.

Dedicated sellers might even get a home inspector to view the home to identify potential issues. This will give them the opportunity to repair those problems before potential buyers view the home, allowing the sellers to present the home in its best possible condition to the market.온라인카지노


Documentary film on former N.K. spies set to hit screens next week

SEOUL, Sept. 20 (Yonhap) — In 2000, 63 former long-term political prisoners who were sent to the South as spies were repatriated to the North following an inter-Korean summit during which leaders of the two Koreas agreed to give priority to humanitarian issues in the same year.카지노사이트

But there were 46 former North Korean spies left in the South who were not allowed to go back to their home country because they signed statements giving up communism and advocating capitalism. Only “unconverted” communists were subject to the first-ever repatriation project.

The upcoming documentary film “The 2nd Repatriation,” directed by Kim Dong-won, focuses on the voices of the 46 people who have demanded the Seoul government let them return to their communist homeland for more than 20 years.

The film is a follow-up to the director’s 2004 documentary “Repatriation” about the 63 “unconverted” North Koreans who went back home in 2000.

“The 2nd Repatriation” revolves around Kim Young-shik, one of the remaining North Korean communists living in South Korea. He was sent to the South in 1962, arrested soon afterward and served 27 years in prison. The 90-year-old claimed he was physically and psychologically tortured to convert his ideology and subsequently excluded from the 2000 repatriation.바카라사이트

It took nearly 20 years to complete the film, as Seoul-Pyongyang relations have experienced ups and downs over the cited period, while Kim Young-shik and other former North Korean spies have still not been permitted to go back home.

“After I made the 2004 film, I thought the second repatriation would come soon. So I started filming their stories,” the director said Tuesday in a press conference after a media screening of the 156-minute film. “But their return has been delayed for about 20 years, and I’ve been working on it for the longer-than-expected period.”

Out of the 46 people still seeking to be repatriated, nine people remain alive, and they are 91 years old on average. So far, only one of them was sent to the North after dying of an illness in Seoul in 2005.

He said he thought he is running out of time, because the current geopolitical situation around the Korean Peninsula has discouraged him from remaining hopeful for another inter-Korean agreement on the issue in the near future.

“I hoped to shoot the scene of these people crossing the border and going back to their homeland, but it looks nearly impossible for a while,” he said. “And they are getting older and older, and some will likely pass away soon. So I decided to wrap up this project as soon as possible.”

Kim Young-shik called on the Seoul government to allow him and his colleagues to spend the rest of his life with his family in their homeland.

“The country is divided, as well as our families,” he said during the press conference. “I’m very old and my end is nearing. I want to see my hometown.”온라인카지노


2022 Formula One Canadian Grand Prix Winner and Pole Position Betting Odds, Predictions, and Picks

The 2022 Formula One Canadian Grand Prix will be racing from the FIA Grade 1 Circuit Gilles Villenueve in Montréal, Quebec on this coming Sunday, June 19 in Round 9 of the 22 Round 2022 F1 World Championship race season (ESPN, 2 pm ET/1 pm CT/11 am PT).카지노사이트

Last Sunday, June 12, in the 2022 F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix from the Baku City Circuit in Baku, Azerbaijan, it was favorite Max Verstappen (+110) who was the winner with Sergio Pérez finishing in 2nd place 20.823 seconds behind his Red Bull Racing teammate.

George Russell (Mercedes) was also on the podium in 3rd place with his teammate Lewis Hamilton one spot behind him in 4th place and Pierre Gasly (Alpha Tauri) finishing in 5th place in the 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix a week ago.

F1 Heads to Great White North for Canadian Grand Prix

So with Verstappen victorious last weekend in Baku City, a different Formula One driver has now won all five runnings of the 51-lap Azerbaijan Grand Prix, a race which is contested on a 20-turn, 3.73 mile (6.0003 km) street circuit track in the Desert heat.

Here at the 2022 Canadian Grand Prix, Brit Hamilton is the Defending champion, winning the 2021 F1 Grand Prix du Canada with Sebastian Vettel in 2nd place on the podium and Charlec Leclerc finishing in 3rd place at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montréal, Quebec.

The Canadian Grand Prix is a 70-lap, 189.727 miles (305.27 km) run on the 2.71-mile (4.361 km) Circuit Gilles Villeneuve street circuit in Montréal, Quebec and this will be race #1,066 in Formula One history.

With the 1st place finish in Azerbaijan, Verstappen remained in 1st place (150 points) in the 2022 Formula One Driver standings, 21 points ahead of his Red Bull Racing RBPT teammate Pérez (129s) in 2nd place and 34 points ahead of Charles Leclerc (116 points).

So Verstappen has four Wins in the last six races (Saudi Arabia, Italy, Miami, Spain, Azerbaijan) with Leclerc (Bahrain, Australia) interrupting his potential 4-race win Streak only to eventually end up falling farther behind in the Formula One Driver’s Standings.

The 2022 Formula One season began up earlier this year so it wouldn’t conflict with the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup, which is being held in Qatar, and Qatar won’t host a Grand Prix F1 race this year but will be back on the Formula One circuit calendar in 2023.

There are a total of 23 F1 Grand Prixs being held this 2022 season, a new circuit record, including a new Mini-Grand Prix and that inaugural 57-lap Miami Grand Prix from the Sunshine State won by Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing who are still doing very well.

2022 F1 Canadian Grand Prix Winner Odds

  • Max Verstappen -116
  • Charles Leclerc +275
  • Sergio Pérez +330
  • Carlos Sainz +1525
  • George Russell +2900
  • Lewis Hamilton +3300
  • Lando Norris +8500
  • Pierre Gasly +15000
  • Fernando Alonso +18000
  • Valterri Bottas +20000
  • Daniel Ricciardo +22000
  • Esteban Ocon +32000
  • Sebastian Vettel +38000
  • Yuki Tsunoda +50000
  • Kevin Magnussen +65000
  • Guayou Zhou +90000
  • Lance Stroll +100000
  • Alexander Albon +17500
  • Nicholas Lafiti +30000
  • Michael Schumacher OFF

2022 F1 Canadian Grand Prix Pole Position Odds

  • Charles Leclerc -154
  • Max Verstappen +250
  • Sergio Pérez +275
  • Lewis Hamilton +1000
  • Carlos Sainz +1100
  • Fernando Alonso +10000
  • Lando Norris +10000
  • George Russell +10000
  • Pierre Gasly +15000
  • Daniel Ricciardo +15000
  • Valterri Bottas +24000바카라사이트
  • Esteban Ocon +30000
  • Yuki Tsunoda +30000
  • Kavin Magnussen +100000
  • Sebastien Vettel +20000
  • Alexander Albion +25000
  • Zhou Guanyu +25000
  • Nicholas Latifi +30000

2022 Formula One Points Leaderboard

  • 1—Max Verstappen (Netherlands), Red Bull Racing RBPT 150 points
  • 2—Sergio Pérez (Mexico), Red Bull Racing RBPT 129 points
  • 3—Charles Leclerc (Montserrat), Ferrari 116 points
  • 4—George Russell (Great Britain), Mercedes 99 points
  • 5—Carlos Sainz (Spain), Ferrari, 83 points
  • 6—Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain), Mercedes 62 points
  • 7—Lando Norris (Great Britain), McLaren Mercedes 50 points
  • 8—Valterri Bottas (Finland), Alfa Romeo Ferrari 40 points
  • 9—Esteban Ocon (France), Alpine Renault 31 points
  • 10—Pierre Gasly (France) Alpha Tauri 16 points
  • 11—Fernando Alonso (Spain), Alpine Renault 16 points
  • 12—Kevin Magnusson (Denmark), Alpine Renault 15 points
  • 13—Daniel Ricciardo (Austria), McLaren Mercedes 15 points
  • 14—Sebastien Vettel (Germany) Aston-Martin Aramco Mercedes 13 points
  • 15—Yuki Tsunoda (Japan), Alphatauri RBPT 11 points

Canadian Grand Prix Winners

  • 2019—Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain), Mercedes
  • 2018—Sebastien Vettel (Germany), Ferrari
  • 2017—Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain), Mercedes
  • 2016—Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain), Mercedes
  • 2015—Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain), Mercedes
  • 2014—Daniel Ricciardo (Great Britain) Red Bull Renault
  • 2013—Sebastien Vettel (Germany), Red Bull Racing
  • 2012—Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain), Mercedes
  • 2011—Jenson Button (Great Britain), McLaren-Mercedes
  • 2010—Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain), McLaren-Mercedes
  • 2009—Not held
  • 2008—Robert Kubica (Poland),BMW Sauber
  • 2007—Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain), McLaren-Mercedes
  • 2006—Fernando Alonso (Spain), Renault
  • 2005—Kimi Räikkönen (Finland), McLaren-Mercedes
  • 2004—Michael Schumacher (Germany), Ferrari
  • 2003—Michael Schumacher (Germany), Ferrari
  • 2002—Michael Schumacher (Germany), Ferrari
  • 2001—Ralf Schumacher (Germany), Williams-BMW
  • 2000—Michael Schumacher (Germany), Ferrari

Verstappen Staying Hot in the Canadian Grand Prix?

Max Verstappen (-116 to win 2022 Canadian Grand Prix, MyBookie.ag) and his Red Bull Racing RBPT teammate Sergio Pérez (+275) are both doing very well at this point in the season and worth consideration every Sunday as they battle it out for the championship.

Dutchman Verstappen—the son of former Formula 1 driver Joe Verstappen—has won 4 of the last 6 races on the F1 circuit and online oddsmakers have responded here, making him the prohibitive favorite (-116) to win in the Great white North on Sunday.

So handicapping the Pole Position marketplace, seeing that LeClerc and his Ferrari have W12 of the 13 Pole Positions in all racing events, backing him at -154 odds in that Qualifying betting market on Saturday is the logical call and the best of the two below.

This 73rd season of Formula One Championship Racing has evolved into a three Driver race between Verstappen (150 points), and Pérez (129 points), and Leclerc (116 points) as we quickly approach the halfway mark of this fast-moving 2022 Formula One season.

The Drivers with the most Canadian Grand Prix Wins history are Lewis Hamilton (7) and Michael Schumacher (7) followed by Nelson Piquet (3), Jacky Ickx (2), Alan Jones (2), Ayrton Senna (2), Jackie Stewart (2), Pedro Rodriguez (2), and Sebastian Vettel (2).

Ferrari is the Constructor with the most Wins in the Canadian Grand Prix with 14 followed closely by McLaren (13), then Williams (7), Brabham (4), Mercedes (4), Benetton (2), Lotus (2), Tyrrell (2), and Red Bull (2). Mercedes won here in 2019 (Hamilton).

Ferrari is the Engine Manufacturer with the most Wins here with 14 races followed by Ford (12), Mercedes (10), Renault (6), BMW (4), Honda (4), Chevrolet (2), and Climax (20).

F1 fans and gamblers can watch the race in Canada on TSN (English) or RDS (French), and it airs in Australia (FOX Sports), Brazil (Band), France (Canal+), Italy (Sky Sports F1), Japan (DAZN), Germany (Sky Sports F1), Netherlands (Viaplay), as well as in Spain (DAZN).

Next up in Round 10 on the 2022 Formula One race schedule will be the 2022 Formula 1 British Grand Prix on Sunday, July 3 (ESPN), followed by the 2022 Formula 1 Austria Grand Prix on Sunday, July 10 (ESPN) in Round 11.

 2022 F1 Canadian Grand Prix Practice, Race Schedule

  • Practice 1—Friday, June 17, 14:00 Track Time (5 pm EDT/4 pm CDT/2 pm PDT)
  • Practice 2—Friday, June 17, 17:00 Track Time (8 pm EDT/7 pm CDT/5 pm PDT)
  • Practice 3—Saturday, June 18, 13:00 Track Time (4 pm EDT/3 pm CDT/1 pm PDT)
  • Qualifying—Saturday, June 18, 16:00 Track Time (7 pm EDT/6 pm CDT/4 pm PDT)
  • Canadian Grand Prix—Sunday, June 19, 14:00 Track Time (2 pm EDT/11 am PDT)온라인카지노